is distinguished by the readiness to revolutionize both the world of science (soil science, soil physics, etc.) as well as the market of soil-science laboratories. 

uses the phenomenon of sedimentation. The devices allow determining the grain-size-distribution of the ground material below 0.1 mm, based on the result of the measurement of the apparent weight of the float suspended in the suspension. The time of determination of the grain-size-distribution of the test sample is less than three hours, in the grain diameter range of 0.1 - 0.002 mm. In addition, the devices allow measuring the total content of fractions smaller than 0.001 mm, any choice of dimensions and the number of fractions measured.

was subjected to expert analysis for validation in the laboratories of our partners from the International Soil Research & Technology Cluster. The results of the tests turned out to be highly satisfactory and yielded a clearly positive conclusion.

is unique in the global market. Unlike other companies producing measuring devices, we are the only one which is working on our own, patented, dynamometric method of grain-size distribution analysis.